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Epson Projektor EB-450Wi

Videorecenzia interaktívneho projektora EPSON
biggiemail : Guys, how did you get the projector to project from the table and not from the top of the wall ??
pako j : kde sa obraz otáča v projektori?
Albert Kardos : ako ste prosim otocili obraz na projektory? zo stola premietal obraz otoceny, dakujem
Ondrej Macko : Zo stola sa premietal otoceny

EB-450Wi interactive projector from EPSON

EB-450Wi interactive projector, interactive pen, interactive teaching on any surface! Ultra short throw projector, no shadows on the screen!
Ken Loh : Great. As a progression, I'm sure manufacturers are thinking of getting rid of the pen all together next using gesture recognition technology. Not only a user need not worry about misplacing the pen, several people can write onto the "board" simultaneously using their fingers.

Why settle to project to a single wall? The projector can be mounted in the center, projecting images to all walls with diverting mirrors mounted at the top of each wall. I'm sure sensing could be done similarly.
JUNEREY6680 : I have this projector in my classroom. Wonderful!
Joanne Gillespie : Saw this in action today at a presentation. Wonderful.
JelloPudding : Our school put these interactive projectors in most of our classrooms and let me tell you, these things are wonderful! Reviewing sections of textbooks and presenting examples to a class have never been so easy! My Lit/Lang teacher sometimes lets us use the pen to play review games, my math teacher uses it to give us short quizes, my Industrial Tech. teacher uses it to show us finished projects, and even my Computer teacher to keep the class informed of what is to come that period.

everythingotaku : Epson is AMAZING!!!!

Epson EB-450Wi Hint 4: How to calibrate the EB-450Wi Interactive Projector.wmv

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Shows how to calibrate the EPSON EB-450Wi Interactive Projector
WXGA Resolution - Widescreen
Ultra Short Throw Projector
Brightness: 2500 ANSI Lumen
Reduces shadows
Minimises glare in teachers eyes
Includes integrated wall mount
Fan noise: Whisper quiet at 28dB
Long lamp life
Erin Lee : Good point garyExposMtl- Do we have to calibrate after every shut down?
garyExposMtl : Thanks. That was it.

Now the pen can be used as a mouse but when I "click" somewhere with the pen, the mouse cursor is always a couple of inches to the right of the pen. I can calibrate the projector like you did in the video and then it's OK but when I shut down the projector, it loses its calibration the next time I boot it up. How do I save the calibration so I don't need to calibrate it each time I start the projector?
garyExposMtl : Whenever I click somewhere on the screen, it draws lines or dots and never "clicks" the icon on the Windows desktop. Why is this?
Shahzad Amin : good
DIBAUSTRALIA : You may be using the pen tool and not the mouse. Check this. Otherwise you may need to contact your supplier.




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