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Metallica - Battery (HD)

Off Topic: In the start I wanted a pic of a battery to pop up whenever he said battery, but when I made it, I thought to myself... Nah... So it's just the lyric :P\r
On topic: badass song made by Metallica in the late 80's.\r
Make sure to check out my other videos if you're a fan of Metallica!\r
I've got nothing more to say but: BATTERY!
Zack Zallie : Fun fact: Nikola Tesla used to listened to this on loop.
Glock Works : Theres one part in each Metallica song that sounds like its ending, then theres more
超ゴジータマジですこすこgold : 止めだ喰らえ!メタリカ!
some random guy : 1:05 thrash mode engaged
Michael King : Listening to this for the 3,642 time I just got into 2 fights....needless to say my 2 yr old now agrees Battery is badass.
Ainmalyz 333 : Amazing song,that intro is just ......
StateOfMercury : what if BATTERY was on ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL ? FIND OUT HERE!!

Jennifer Agello : The biggest and I mean biggest mosh pit I have ever seen was at the L.A. Coliseum while they were performing this song. July 1988
Unknown Guest ? : i played this to my pet bunny, and its ears went up like a boner
SCREAM'N DEMON : Hard to believe that Chris watts made his soon to brutally murdered daughters listen to this on thier way to thier oily demise in an oil battery as thier dead mother lay under thier feet. Smh They mustve been terrified.

Battery (Remastered)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Battery (Remastered) · Metallica

Master Of Puppets

℗ 2017 Blackened Recordings, under exclusive licence to Universal International Music BV

Released on: 1986-03-03

Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals, Recording Arranger, Producer: James Hetfield
Associated Performer, Drums, Recording Arranger, Producer: Lars Ulrich
Associated Performer, Bass Guitar, Background Vocalist, Producer: Cliff Burton
Associated Performer, Guitar, Producer: Kirk Hammett
Producer, Studio Personnel, Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Michael Wagener
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Mark Wilczak
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Howie Weinberg
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Gentry Studer
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Lindsay Chase
Composer Lyricist: James Hetfield
Composer Lyricist: Lars Ulrich

Auto-generated by YouTube.
Adam Andrzejewski : Arcydzieło
Michael Bradley : The whole is under rated
Bafb : Hardwired to self destruct!!
Attila Török : Play 1,25 xD its killing it
Jack pizzasucker : Project x anybody ?
Артём Герц : 2:56
marsala92 : Faut etre taré pour écouter du son pareil.
leadspot : I really like this song as an opening for the new album, but I sure miss more the intro of the song and I would love to see it done live since Metallica plays it a lot in the live shows
stalingrado1953 : En 1994 cuando tenía 14 años compré esta maravilla, atraído solamente por la portada, cuando sonó el intro de guitarra flamenca y luego comenzó la tormenta del primer riff supe quq quería escuchar esa belleza por el resto de mi vida

Metallica - Battery (Live in Seattle 1989) HQ audio

From the box set, Metallica Rips it live, on the "...And Justice For All" tour, Summer, 1989. They are truely hungry here.
Tyreze Corn Pop Jackson : Motorhead rip off band.
Gina Marie : ♥️
Tuğberk Coşkun : I don't want to die before the time machine is invented
Smeagolhoss : This entire song is just about how Metallica and Thrash Metal will decimate and destroy anyone who isn’t part of the “battery” I fucking love it. Thrash on!!!
LRN_News : 2:42 proof Lars WAS able to do double bass, although he doesn't anymore. What would make someone deteriorate so much?
LRN_News : Metallica in their prime. They were pretty damn good. Back when Lars could keep time and Kirk could play the solos right.
Patrick P : The ending would have been a good segway into Orgasmitron...
Ewan McInerney : 3:02 "Dominate the furry."
William Rivera : wHAT a GREAT*máster CLASiC Tune
Rover : Why couldn’t I be born in that time




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