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Kendall for the TB Summer Monogram campaign

A journey from reality to fantasy, the CGI campaign blends real-life capture with a digital reverie inspired by geometric skateparks and swimming pools – created by photographer Nick Knight, art director Peter Saville and stylist Katy England #TBSummerMonogram

“No Love”
Written by Andrew Morin, Zachary Hill, Stefan Burnett
Published by Warp Publishing
Performed by Death Grips
Courtesy of Harvest Records
Under Licence from Universal Music Operations Limited
Amal : ?
Qasir Z Khan : Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Meme Police Official : Noided
Nikko Jones : I can’t believe this is a death grips Burberry add it’s pretty amazing
Devin Swycinsky : Never thought I'd hear a Death Grips in a commercial.
Sone6 66 : This CGI campaign
Crow Bar : I beg you please stop with the monograms. You have your own style and identity, don't be a British Gucci or LV.
Sara A : Oh my God why Burberry why?
Burberry to me is classic and sharp. I love traditional Burberry more than any other designer house. PLEASE GET BACK TO WHO YOU ARE. Don’t abandon the aesthetic We all love. Stop over producing the tartan and protect it with your life!! That is Burberry!!!
I despise the new logo and the stupid TB emblem.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ communities everywhere

There may not have been any #Pride2020 parades, but that hasn't stopped us coming together to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities everywhere. #Everybodyisfreetolove
Chris Vargas : What is the song? Please
Derek Blasberg : I love this! The song, the casting, the vibes, the moves.
elena1826 : Why the baby...
Ellenora Mayberry : Lovely, I just ordered new items today
Ellenora Mayberry : Lovely, I just ordered new items today
YVCIIVII : à mourrir de rire ... 2020 et le progressisme de merde ...
Miss Xlo : Thanks to God, Thomas Burberry doesn't see this.
Joaquin Canales : I love the video the diversity and of course the colors of the flag ️‍
Paola Bueso : I love this! Thank you for sharing.
원샷 Bottoms up : Song? Please!

On set with Irina Shayk for Burberry Autumn/Winter 2020 Pre Collection campaign

'Freedom means to me, just be yourself'
Burberry family model Irina Shayk discusses freedom, memories and FaceTime with Riccardo Tisci behind the scenes at the Autumn/Winter 2020 Pre-Collection campaign
grundunger96 : Die frau ist fertig wie Putin ---
the woman is finished like putin
sally club : The lines and ribbons are impressive.~
badum dadum : Please stop interviewing models... it drastically lowers brand perception when the answers are just so airy and without substance; do people aspire to be stupid? An interview with the leatherworkers explaining the process of making a bag will at least showcase the quality and craftsmanship that went into the product.
grundunger96 : I hope she didn't get lifted or anything




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