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Weber Summit S-470 Gas grill Unboxing and Product Review (Is it worth the money?)

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Weber summit vs Genesis Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwzCEqUaWIk\u0026t=10s

Weber summit vs blaze LTE vs Napoleon Prestige PRO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flZ1tBOIJTI

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In this video we will unbox and review all the components of the Weber summit series. This review would also apply would also apply to the larger grill S-670. Both sizes are available in stainless steel and black finishes. Lets go over the features that make this a premium gas grill that you should be in the market for.
First, it comes standard with a rotisserie kit, and one really unique feature is going to be that the whole rotisserie motor can completely collapse and go away, which is a great feature because most of the time you don't use your rotisserie. The cooking grates are all 304 solid Stainless steel, so they are super heavy duty. Also the grill comes integrated with a full smoker box, which is nice because it has a dedicated burner for this. Although I love this feature I must say it annoys me more then anything, and the reason is. It takes away valuable cooking space inside the grill, cause the smoker box does not sit below the cooking grates. I don't think its that big of a deal on the larger unit, but on the smaller unit here, we are not getting enough cooking space. Only 24”. Lets talk about lighting, the knobs on the front light up on batteries, and there is a handle light on batteries as well. I hate the handle light, I think its really stupid and doesn’t do its job very well, cause the hood blocks half the lighting. I wish they would of put fully integrated lights in this grill. I do like that the propane has a measuring weight on it, so you always no very easily how full your propane tank is. There is nothing more annoying then going to start your grill only to realize you are out of propane. Thats it really, again the biggest advantage is buying the brand name weber. They are an excellent company with exceptional customer service and this grill is going to come with a 10 year warranty as well.

Don’t forget if your in the Denver metro area come visit our showroom

7705 W 108th Ave #600
Westminster, CO 80021
Stig Msr : After 3 years of use (3-4 days a week year-round) with my Webber Summit:
-I love it!
-Smoker box really doesn't hinder space as I've laid things slightly on it and it gets hot too so it's not a factor, it gives a hint of smoke flavor which is nice but not a replacement for my actual smoker.
-Rotisserie is great the only thing I'd really change is L-shaped locks should be thumb screws as they do get in the way locking them down and unlocking them with 2 decent-sized chickens on at one time.
-The light on the handle is ok I like it as it stays cleaner than the lights inside the grill over time though I did buy a second one for each side and open from the middle of the handle. Plenty of light now.
Michael Fernandes : These reviews are very good and call out some real important points that other reviewers don’t. Well done and thank you.
Anwar Alkaraki : Great vid, can’t wait for the next video when it goes up against Napoleon grill. Want to see which one I should get.
Mark Adrian Sammut : I think that for the price I would have liked to see a proper ceramic sear plate. Napoleon have them even on the mid-tier models for example
Greg Swartz : Just saw your review and found it to be very objective and useful. I am an owner of a 15 yr old Weber Summit Platinum (and just purchased a replacement Summit) and can offer a few "long-term" insights. In the older grill, the igniters lasted a few years, tops. Probably the most unreliable part of the grill (probably of most grills...). The cross-over tubes (to ignite next-door burners) tend to burn up and become useless in 3-5 years. I've replaced mine twice. I went with the Summit due to the Infrared Rotisserie burner. My wife is an Aussie and cannot live without her roast chook. So we rotisserie one every few weeks. The rotisserie just turns out the best roast chook we can make. I have had to replace the Infrared burner once. It just slowly got clogged up and wasn't functioning anymore. I had issues with the hood inner liner, as it corroded and partly broke away. Weber replaced it after sending a few pics.
On the lighter side, never dealt with the smoker box much (I have a smoker for that) so ordered an extra grill and cut it to size. No lost cooking space here! I actually use the smoker burner as a heat "adder" when rotisserie'ing chook, when needed. My tub (cooking box) was starting to corrode thru at the front lip, and, after 15 years, the performance was getting noticeably diminished. I will still take it up with Weber as my cooking lid (and I hope, the lower tub portion) had a 25 year warranty, so I might still make the old girl usable. In the end, parts wear out, Weber warranty is pretty good, and it has the features I wanted.
I hope the long-term insights into part wear are useful.

I'm back! Just a little blog with the Ibanez S470.

Yo!! What's up, dudes?!? The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I'm finally back online again after a catastrophic failure of a sewer pipe in the basement. It was priority one to get that fixed, to say the least. And then there was the Regional Pinewood Derby, so it's been a little busy these last two weeks. But I'm back! I should be back into the regular release groove soon.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pixlix
Cato Karlsen : Man that improv from 16.49-16.59 is sweet!
Can you PLEASE do it in slow-mo, or tabs etc?
Great channel, and you are very skilled!
Steve from Boston : Thanks! I love Beck's treatment of that tune. I'm hoping to get over the their warehouse next week. I'll have to see if I can get my work out of the way by Tuesday or Wednesday. They sell lots of stuff, but I like their Timber Tone picks the best. I'm in love with them, especially the Groove Tone buffalo bone ones.
Steve from Boston : Thanks! I love the S470, too. I wouldn't mind finding an S540 at some point.
Steve from Boston : Thanks! I love SRV. One of my biggest regrets was never seeing him live. He played with Beck on a tour and then again solo a few times at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. Most of my friends went, but for some reason I never made it.
rsalmon63 : Great hair cut! Look I gots' a question for you. I've got a beat up(cosmetically) '77 Ibanez artist. It's got the flying fingers Super 80's stock. Looking to know which wires are which coming out of the pups themselves. Can't find a wiring diagram online and waiting to hear back from Ibanez tech support. Either that or I gotta break out my voltmeter and trail and error away. I'm dropping in the SD BlackOuts modular preamp. I'm gonna go for it either way, can't believe I can't find color coding!

Ibanez S470 - X4.2 Review

This is a review on the Ibanez S470 electric guitar. This video was recorded in FULL 1080P HD so change the resolution from 360p to 1080p for much greater details :). Please ask questions or comment below and SUBSCRIBE! You subscribe to us and we'll subscribe to you!
Joe Mama : I just got my S470 and I love it. I own several dozen guitars and this quickly became my #2 favorite 6 string solid body electric after my Richie Kotzen Tele.
yel lop : Thanks for your great review. I have a question about the balance/weight of the guitar. As the body is so thin, do you have any problem with the neck being a bit too heavy and balancing forward while playing?
yellow guitars : One of my dream guitars. Thanks for the review.
TaterThao : I could tell you really love that guitar. I'm going to save up for this guitar except in a natural color. Awesome review btw!
Jacques Lebreton : @alienraider: No it's not heavy. It's actually a little lighter then my Fender Squier Strat that plays like a real strat and my Jackson. My Jackson seems to be the heaviest of all. Also the S470 is very well balanced!




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