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How To Use Nivea Q10 Power Anti Wrinkle Pearl Serum+Eye Cream+Day and Night Cream

In this video, you will learn how to use the Nivea Q10 Power Anti Wrinkle range. Which includes a cleanser, serum, eye cream, and day and night cream.

General Information about Nivea Q10 and their range: 00:00
Step 1 How to use Nivea Q10 Power Cleansing Milk: 1:05
Step 2 Information about Toner \u0026 Water-Based Serums: 3:54
Step 3 How to use Nivea Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Serum Pearls: 6:32
Step 4 How to use Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream: 10:43
Step 5 How to use Nivea Q10 SPF 15 Anti-Wrinkle Day and Night Cream: 12:48
Additional Information: 15:13 - 17:09


The videos on this channel are not sponsored, and no affiliate links are used. Any products featured in these videos are ones that I have purchased at my own expense. Therefore, I stand by the recommendations I make and believe the featured products are worth the cost.

All information presented on this channel is for news, education, and entertainment purposes only. Although I do my best to provide accurate information, it is not a substitute for medical skincare advice. Always consult with a professional dermatologist or doctor in your area before implementing any skincare advice shared on this channel.
Nicky Murray : I've just started using this skincare products recently this video is helping me apply them correctly thank you so much xx
I'm like TT : Hello Melissa! I came across your “The Ordinary Skin Regiment for blackheads, breakouts, large pores and uneven skin tone” video which I found extremely helpful and have bought most of the products excluding some that have been out of stock for quite some time. I have used the nivea q10 before and I am a big fan of the pearl serum. How would you recommend to incorporate the nivea q10 line and the ordinary products from your TO skin regiment video? What order would be best to put all the serums from both brands?

P.S. Thanks for your helpful tips and videos, I have gone on a binge watch and can’t stop watching!
Esther : Thank you Melissa.Great video.
samra sultan : can i add the odinary haylurunic acid n niacinamide acid as well in this routine n in which step i can add ?
Toothfairy : Great video as usual ,thanks

THE TRUTH ABOUT NIVEA Q10 WITH VITAMIN C. Full Nivea review and what I found out.

Hello, my name is Dikan and I am a DIY creator with ample knowledge of skincare, skin science and cosmetic formulation and I love to share my ideas and creativity with you... Thank you for tuning in today and I hope you find my videos helpful. Please subscribe and stick around as I'd love to have you much longer. VIRTUAL HUGS*

Today is another “SKINDEEP WITH DIKAN” video and we are reviewing the Nivea Q10 With Vitamin C. In these types of videos, we will be discussing skincare, things you should and shouldn’t do as a skincare enthusiast, formulator and retailer. Also best ingredients and products to look out for and how to use them as both a formulator and skincare lover, tips and tricks that will lead to an overall better result for better skin for everyone and how to simplify some steps for the average person etc. This will be filled with lots of exciting informations and packed with a wealth of knowledge for us all. Game changing secrets will be shared and they’ll something for everyone

DISCLAIMER:- Skincare is passion I hold close and I intend to keep providing you with Value on this channel by the Grace of God. Take everything I show and demonstrate here with a grain of salt, do not hesitate to do your own research or seek professional advice as everything I do and teach here is for fun and a breather from everyday life for me. I am not a professional. I do this with my own research. Please take caution and do not hold any of my advice, words, images in place of a health care provider. Seek medical advice if need be. I will not be held responsible for any information given or taken.




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*N/B :-I Reserve all rights to this material, I do not allow any duplications, editing, or usage of any of my clips for commercial or profitable use. Pls credit me if you use my work, do not impersonate me or place my videos on a separate channel for profit or to be monetized without my consent.

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Chinyere Nkem : One thing I love about you is that you keep this channel real. I will appreciate it if you give us an open for training. I'm in Nigeria and will truly love to under study you.. Keep up the good work.
Ray Adams : Thanks for the info Dikan. I think I'll go for the last one for dry skin.
Beauty by Blizzy : Am using nivea in 1 week now, and I can swear the difference, am not using the Q10 whatsoever, but nivea is really good, and if you a very dry the one with the blue color, I can feel my skin after using, but I will switch to Q10 after 1 months of using the the normal.
Kate oghaego : Thank you for a lovely information, love the video
Pamela Denis : OMG u read my mind Dikan ‍♀️. I am a user Nivea lotions name it what ever it does . I was contemplating its effectiveness against our DIY formulation. After long use of NIVEA i found no changes to my skin besides keeping it moiturizing. THANKS for the review and product sharing dear.


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karla corona : Haha your review was so entertaining ! I just bought the night cream.
Scaarub xD : i had to rewind the sebum queen bit to double check what you said lmao, good review. i find this is a cream ill go to and it really helps my skin stay consistent, I never let myself run out of this product. theres always 2 in the home at all times. in the UK, Asda stock 3 differing variants and every couple weeks one specific one will be half price.
Lulu145 : Honestly, I don't always trust too many active ingredients as I find when I use them they often create or enhance fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I don't think anyone has lived long enough to use these ingredients, say from age 18 to 60, to see if they really work. Some of them can be drying and irritating, possibly good for the lower layers of collagen, while drying the outer layers, thus causing fine lines. I find the best thing to prevent fine lines and wrinkles are creams that provide a lot of moisture. JUST WISH THEY'D REMOVE THE PERFUME!! I think at your age, just keep moisturizing your skin well and you'll see long term results, as I have. I think people with deep lines are the ones that might benefit a little, from copper peptides and other actives. The lines will still be there, but they might have more life in their skin, perhaps look a little brighter, but deep lines won't diminish. I'm speaking from experience. I'm in my 50's with minimal lines around my eyes, from many years of being obsessed with moisturizing well. I don't like creams that disappear and become matte, as if you have no moisture or just a slight dull, annoying film. I like a slight glow or dewiness as this cream seems to have provided for you. Just keep moisturizing those baby fine, 20 year old lines, and they won't get worse, but perhaps better. You'll go into your 50's with minimal, fine lines around your eyes. Prevention is the key. Also eat well, minimize sugar, take lots of vit C, zinc now especially, and later in life when collagen starts to diminish you can take biosil and collagen etc. You have plenty of your own now though. Thanks for sharing.
cherls15 : Hello, nice video. Just a tip, it looks like you are moisturising with the day cream onto an already wet face..? If you want the spf to be effective, make sure to have a dry face before using the cream. You can moisturise on a wet face at night with the night cream


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