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A Tour of Durham University... THEY LIVE IN A CASTLE?!?! | AD | Jack Edwards

This week Universities UK challenged me to give you a tour of Durham University! I tried to share everything I knew about Durham, from its history and traditions, to its nightlife and pizza pilgrimages.

- Upload a photo to Instagram of your favourite uni moment
- Tag @UniversitiesUK
- Follow @UniversitiesUK
- Winner picked at midnight on the 7th October 2018
- Terms and conditions apply

WATCH MY FIRST YEAR UNIVERSITY VLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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*Disclaimer: this video was kindly sponsored by Universities UK but all opinions are 100% my own*
Zoe Elizabeth : So I’m American and I’m a bit confused... are there multiple colleges at the uni?? someone pls explain
DauCreates : Talks about coin, literally says “that makes perfect sense”, doesn’t make a “CENTS” pun...
Hannah Gibson : Love the dunn cow explation
HSHAH CRICKET : 3:33 I remember running around that place in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince videogame on the Wii
sparkpops : This is my review about Durham university....

nathan Woolley : add did you really lug the iMac cpu to uni with you or do you use it as a monitor?
nathan Woolley : what's wrong with Hatfield college
John Brass : My place of birth
Shoaib Akhtar : Bro can you provide information about admission in this University
I want to get information from Pakistan
I just got my BS electrical
engineering degree
Please please inform me .
Shall be very thankful to you
Shoaib Akhtar :

A Walk Through Durham, England

Durham is a historic city and the county town of County Durham in North East England. The city sits on the River Wear, to the south of Newcastle upon Tyne and to the north of Darlington. Durham is well known for its Norman cathedral and 11th century castle, both designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The castle has been the home of Durham University since 1832. HM Prison Durham is also located close to the city centre.

The historical city centre of Durham has changed little over the past 200 years. It is made up of the peninsula containing the cathedral, palace green, former administrative buildings for the palatine and Durham Castle. This was a strategic defensive decision by the city's founders and gives the cathedral a striking position. So much so that Symeon of Durham stated:

"To see Durham is to see the English Sion and by doing so one may save oneself a trip to Jerusalem"

The old commercial section of the city encompasses the peninsula on three sides, following the River Wear. The peninsula was historically surrounded by the castle wall extending from the castle keep and broken by two gatehouses to the north and west of the enclosure. After extensive remodelling and "much beautification" by the Victorians the walls were removed with the exception of the gatehouse which is still standing on the Bailey.

The medieval city was made up of the cathedral, castle and administrative buildings on the peninsula. The outlying areas were known as the townships and owned by the bishop, the most famous of these being Gilesgate (which still contains the mediaeval St Giles Church), Claypath and Elvet.

The outlying commercial section of the city, especially around the North Road area, saw much change in the 1960s during a redevelopment spearheaded by Durham City Council, however, much of the original mediaeval street plan remains intact in the area close to the cathedral and market place. Most of the mediaeval buildings in the commercial area of the city have disappeared apart from the House of Correction and the Chapel of Saint Andrew, both under Elvet Bridge. Georgian buildings can still be found on the Bailey and Old Elvet most of which make up the colleges of Durham University.
Ayşenur TOPAL : I lived for 3 mounts in Durham, while watching this video I remember my good old days and lived these moments again... thank your for your sharing this video :’(
millena : great vid michael! i hope i get to visit durham one day
agus nusa riyanto : Semoga anakku bisa lolos kuliah di Universitas Durham ..aamiiin...
Plainsight : God I loved Durham, what the hell is going on !!!
Anindo Mahmud : I miss Durham so badly.
I lived there for one year when I was a Masters student at Durham University.
Paul Wilde : Durham used to excite me as a child. Now I realise that a place heavily depends on its people. Who are the people who built Durham? Not its students or inhabitants, largely! Because Durham doesn't get a lot of tourists, because it's so small at heart, and because it isn't a heavily industrial city (apart from the building going on now) it really lacks buzz unless you're fortunate enough to get in a clique. A place of God should not feel as cold. It's a coldly middle-class place of southern 18 year olds at odds with the warm-hearted (ish) county it's in. It doesn't even have many independent restaurants or hotels to inject warmth in to it. If you love living in Durham, great. I love an austerity of atmosphere but it has to be balanced by some comfort and I've never felt comfortable in Durham. There's a reason besides distance why York, Canterbury, get many more tourists. There are many castles and cathedrals in the UK. Many might lack the quasi-drama of being on a rock in the middle of a loop of river but stuff like that would make me feel like I was in a maximum security prison. You only have to look at its university's alumni to see that it attracts pseudo-serious people - newsreaders, journalists. People who probably go home every weekend to see mummy and daddy. Not philosophers or entertainers.
Steven Healey - Live Video Training : I Live Here is a weekly show on Facebook. we included a clip from your video in our
show today https://www.facebook.com/BeLiveinFive/videos/285986719231236/
Thank you
Peter Day : The American born writer Bill Bryson was chancellor of the University there, some years ago. He loved the place.
Okan Tekşan : Love durham from turkey ❤️
Gidget13mwa : I never knew him but my grandfather was from there. It looks beautiful


For those of you moving to Durham University for freshers week, currently going through the application, or even just interested to know more about the uni - this is my complete guide to Durham!! I get asked so many questions on a daily basis about colleges, prices, gowns, clubbing, harry potter, diversity, and even bake off, so today I thought I'd do a whole video dedicated to Durham Uni!!

A tour of Durham University: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S07pcDWE-Q\u0026t=1s

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/user/jackbenedwards
BLOG: http://www.thejackexperience.co.uk (The Jack Experience)
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jackbenedwards
INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/jackbenedwards
SNAPCHAT: jack_edwardss

Subscriber count at time of upload: 153,987

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Ruby : What are the requirements to get into Durham in terms of grades and extra-curriculars?
Tristan Elliott : I love Durham city centre SOO much. There’s this coffee shop called the coffee house, just next to the bus stop in front of (either a charity shop or a boba tea shop, idk since I haven’t been in months) but google “the coffee house Durham”
Jake-john Wilson : I'm doing a degree at New College Durham. Living in halls. I assume this is all applicable
村上家的猫 : Can anyone tell me the email of admission office?
L : 8:11 I'm brazilian and watching this because I want to apply to durham, soooo maybe a little bit of more diversity soon?
SAADY AHMED : @Jack Edwards, what are the (CIE IGCSE, CIE AS and CIE A ) grade requirments to get selected in Durham universirty?
Saf H : watching your videos to decide my uni oop
Hannah Gibson : I live near Durham and I love the city but it is small.If you are visiting Durham be prepared for A LOT of hills
Charlotte Evans : I do worry I am going to be surrounded by private school kids lmao
India Trainor : have you done a college rundown




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